Earth Urns & Vessels
As the natural environment continues to shrink, these urns and vessels reflect the awe and beauty I feel for the other than human world with which we inhabit this planet. They are created from the earth itself, reflect the action of the fire and are decorated with the beauty of found natural objects; objects that literally portray the cycle of life and death.

It is my hope that the elevation of these objects to works of art will inspire others to try to live in harmony with our wild relatives.

Each are individual pit-fired creations, similar but different in surface detail and natural objects used. They will vary slightly in size. Melody will e-mail you photos of the ones available from which you can choose.

NEW ITEMS added 2013

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Earth Vessel Fallen Moose Earth Urn with Ceramic Lid Earth Urn with Natural Forms Lid 1

Fallen Moose
23" x 13" x 2-1/2"
porcelain, bone, feather,
moss, and seaweed

Earth Urns
Ceramic Lid

Height 13.5"
Diameter 4.5"

Earth Urns
Natural Forms Lid (1)

Height 13.5"
Diameter 4.5"

Earth Urn with Natural Forms Lid 2 Lost in the Woods Rebecca's Myth
Earth Urns
Natural Forms Lid (2)

Height 13.5"
Diameter 4.5 "
Lost in the Woods
17" x 9" x 3"
Rebecca's Myth
Height 24"
Diameter 9.5"

Mother of the Bagaduce Earth, Fire, and Sea
Earth Urn: Gaia Watching

Mother of the Bagaduce
13" x 13"

Earth, Fire, and Sea
18" x 9" x 3"

Gaia Watching
14" x 16"
porcelain, bone,shell, and moss


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